DEDUST Meets: Danny Nedelko (English)

DEDUST Meets: Danny Nedelko (English)

You are starring in the video of Idles‘ song and connect with other immigrants by showing this sign 👌. Recently is has been used by white supremacists.
That is so messed up. I only heard about it recently, but basicly the symbol is just for „ok“ and „everything is good“. Now the white supremacists are appropriating it. Fuck those guys!

But it is good that the song stands against that, right?
Yeah exactly. Fuck those guys, they are full of shit!

Do you feel that the poltical situation in your country and Brexit have an influence on the musical scene?
Yeah absolutely. A lot of artists are speaking out, for example Slowthai on the Mercury Prize, having that head of Boris Johnson. Everybody wants to speak up an wants to protect the country from all this terrible shit. There’s definitly more artists, that are getting inspired.

Do you have examples?
Slowthai very much is one and of course the Idles album is quite political. But I think you can still be inspired by the situation to create some kind of art that doesn’t have to be political directly. And in a way, that is happening as well.

5 Statements – Fact or Bullshit
with Danny Nedelko

Punk is dead.
It’s fact and bullshit at the same time.

Beer tastes better than wine.
I quite enjoy a lager myself. However I do like some nice wine. I think this is contextual. Beer tastes better than white wine, I would say that.

Skating is cool.
Skating is fucking cool, absolute fact my dude!

Lyrics sound better when they’re screamed.

There will be a full lenght debut album of Heavy Lungs within next year.
Uh, a trick question. No comment. But we will do an album, I just don’t know the time frame. Close, but no cigar.

Despite the political stuff, you also adress mental health problems on your EP.
Yeah, that is what the EP is about. The importance of self worth. I noticed it on my self and on a lot of friends, that people have really low self value and constantly comparing themself to others. And hopefully this EP will push them and inspire them to appreciate their own power, creativity and strenght. And show them that they are capable of so much more than they think they can. Not in a preaching sense, but in an empowering, inspiring sense, not at all patronizing.

You also put out a video for the track „Self Worth“. What kind of material does it show?
It’s all adverts, especially beauty adverts. That’s a long time issue for our friends, to look perfect, the way you can be perfect. It’s also the imagery of social media projection, to show the perfect version of themselves, so that’s a little reference to that as well. You should just really live with it and not worry about the outside, especially social media perceptions of people.

In the song you see people as a cog in the society.
Not to be a cog is a reference to something that I do. I did work in that pub, hopefully to eclipse and to follow something I really want to do rather than being that cog in the machine and just make money for the rent. I want to acomplish something more than that. More than just be rotting in the routine.

I believe it is hard for people to break out of this circle and to do a thing, that you really want to do.
Yes, it is a really difficult balance. It is what we are doing too. Working full time and making music, hoping at some point we will break through from this matrix.

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